Why Do I Use Tarot Cards for Fortunes?

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The other day someone asked me why, if I am a psychic medium, I need Tarot cards to tell a fortune? Why don’t I just say what the Universe wants to tell the client? I answered and then decided it would be helpful to me and to others if I wrote out my response in more detail.

  1. I genuinely love working with Tarot cards. I consider them to be artistic expressions of ancient truth. I have quite a few decks I have collected over the years and carefully choose which ones to use in any situation. A couple are entirely personal and I only use them to tell my own fortune. Others are highly social and love to be out there working with clients. When I read all day at a psychic fair or at Phoenix Rising, I take a couple/three decks and trade off to keep the energy fresh.
  2. I use Tarot for ease, clarity and specificity of communication. It is not easy to express exactly what the Universe reveals. There are rarely simple answers to complex questions about relationships, profession, path and purpose, health and the like. And Spirit never pre-empts free will. With the Tarot I lay out a response or strategy for making the best decisions in the current situation. There are so many ways to ‘speak’ and Tarot embodies not only words but ancient symbols and meaning, images, colors, numbers, minute details that might provide the most profound answers. Also, clients usually simplify and condense their questions. The Tarot frequently reaches deeper, delves to the root of matter. I won’t know my client’s history and specific experiences throughout their lives. I am continually amazed at how literal the Tarot can be at times. I invite the client to look at the cards in detail with me. I will offer what I see but they are often shocked and thrilled to see a graphic representation of the heart of their wish or question. With the Tarot, I don’t tell clients anything. Rather, I help them see it for themselves.
  3. The Tarot keeps me honest. The most important thing about being a Medium is to get myself, my ego and personality, ENTIRELY out of the way so I am relating purely what the Universe has to say to the client. This can be very difficult especially if what the client might be asking or confiding is outside of my personal beliefs and rational self. No judgment at all with Tarot. The cards objectify the response. I also have a ‘tell’ if I start to intrude. Spirit flicks my right upper arm!
  4. Lastly, I respect the Tarot. This is a method of psychic communication dating perhaps as far back as ancient Egypt! Thousands of mediums and seekers have used them, adding new meaning and experience with every reading. There is power to this tradition, power we call upon to deepen the Truth of every session and lay-out. I often encourage my clients to purchase their own deck if they don’t already have one. Or if they do have one, to use it often and learn from it. Perhaps journal about the readings or the individual cards that have special resonance. Each of my decks has taught me something. The wisdom the Tarot provides is infinite and eternal. I feel blessed to Tarot as one of my tools to access Love and Light.