What to expect from a Card Reading?

Here’s What to Expect from Your Tarot Reading with Joanne the Psychic

A Tarot reading is a cooperative, live-changing event which may well transform forever how clients see themselves, the world and into Wonder. Tarot cards are beautiful and intricate, full of symbols to spark intuition. Joanne uses this tool to create a channel into the universe to find out what is going on in the client’s life now and over the next days, weeks and months.

Some people come for a reading when they feel unbalanced, lost or want something they can’t seem to have or achieve.

Others come because they have a wonderful purpose and want to know how to expand it. People treat themselves to readings on their birthday or for another significant anniversary. Or they receive a reading as a gift. Spiritual people come on a regular basis for a ‘tune-up.’ Using Tarot to access messages from the Universe is helpful in all these situations and more.

The cards don’t tell people absolutely what they must do or what will happen.

They never override or take away someone’s free will. Rather, they shed light on the problem or blockage and why it is occurring. They offer suggestions about how a person might change or use their gifts differently. Sometimes they point to an amazing possibility the client had never considered. The Tarot often surprises with the absolute correctness of its wisdom. Even when highlighting a problem, these beautiful images never blame or condemn. They spark and unlock the client’s own intuition and knowledge of right action.

Joanne is a psychic MEDIUM. She is not offering her own ideas or solutions.

She, like all good psychics, opens herself and steps out of the way so that the Universe speaks directly to the client. During the reading, she encourages the person to look with her at their cards. She knows the ancient meanings and symbols and feels certain images speak, but the client will likely see illustrations that resonant with their individual experiences and needs.

At the client’s request Joanne might also ask for a person’s guides or angels to speak.

In certain cases, she can help people connect with loved ones who have passed.
Joanne has several Tarot decks she uses for readings, matching them with the client and type of reading desired. A variety of lay-outs are available to most directly connect with Spirit.

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