What is a Palm Reading Like?

Your palm reveals your tendencies and talents, some personal history, and the many wonderful possibilities in store for you.

Joanne reads not only the lines on the palm but also the shape of the hand, the thumb and individual fingers and the mounts and special markings. There is more to this kind of reading that you probably ever guessed!

Most people’s left and right palms are quite different from each other when examined closely. The non-dominant hand reveals gifts we are born with. The dominant hand (right hand for most people) shows how we have developed these gifts or where we still need to put more energy for success.

Historically, readers have put much emphasis on the thumb.

The top section assesses will power, the middle reveals judgment and the puffy muscle at the base speaks to life force energy and passion and is called the Mount of Venus.

Each finger is significant as well.

The index is named Jupiter and tells a person’s leadership style. The middle finger, Saturn, talks about spirituality and whether someone is more social or prefers time alone. The ring finger, Apollo, addresses the arts and creativity. The pinky named Mercury traditionally tells about money but its tip also stands for communication skills and advocacy. The curve of the top of each finger, the length of the finger as a whole coupled with the size of each of the three phalanges (sections) spell out how we manifest each finger’s gifts.

Many people know that most palms are crossed by three main lines: the heart or love line below the fingers. The head line or line of reason across the middle of the palm. And the life line which the circles the thumb. There is usually also a line drawn top to bottom called the Fate Line. Often there are other lines heading from the base of the palm and going toward the little or ring finger. The palmist assesses each line’s position on the palm and relationship to other lines. She looks at the line itself noting breaks, islands, feathering or branches.

Then there are the special markings to consider like stars, squares and crosses as well as loops, whorls and mounts.

As you can see, a person’s hand isn’t simple at all! Joanne the Psychic loves to help people understand their individuality in this lifetime, why they might struggle in certain areas and excel in others and how they can learn to shine with loving service, deep self-acceptance and gratitude.

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