Psychic Palmistry – A Guide to Intuition

Psychic Palmistry: A Guide to Intuition

A photo of Joanne with the Psychic Palmistry book

Palmistry is more than Fortune Telling. It is a way to unlock talents and tendences, seen within a hand, past, present and into the future. There is magic in being able to help people discover their true pathways and purpose. Psychic Medium Joanne Mokosh Clarkson uses the story of her own journey into hand reading to help others learn this fascinating practice. Born into a family of psychics who read cards, as a teen Clarkson taught herself palmistry from books in the public library. She has utilized this intuitive skill for more than fifty years. In these pages, Clarkson describes the primary hand shapes, lines and symbols and all that they can signify within an individual hand. She explains ways intuition and insight can add depth and specificity to make all readings positive and helpful. Clarkson believes that anyone with a sincere desire can learn to read the psychic messages contained in the hand. And by studying and applying the lessons described here, they can also increase their own psychic powers. The book is illustrated with photos and interpretations of actual hands to help students see how fate manifests for ordinary people. A Quick Reference Guide is included.

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