Recent Visit from a Spirit Guide

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I have come to rely on my Spirit Guides more and more. They come unexpectedly when I don’t even know my soul is calling them and they respond in beautiful, soothing ways when I reach out to them.

Most of my Angels are people I knew in this life who have crossed over. A close friend, though, describes hers as entities of Light that she knows from deep meditation with higher realms. There is no one kind of Guardian or one specific way they manifest. Our Watchers are as varied as we are, as our situations call for.

To make it easier to understand these precious spirits and to connect with those around each of us, I want to share a recent encounter.

Many of you know that my husband Jim was hospitalized in November with a very serious heart ailment. It was a repeat of a life-threatening episode he had in September. We were blessed this time with the care of a skilled electro-cardiologist who believed he could fix the problem. However due to the medications that Jim had been given to stabilize him, the first procedure was not successful. We were waiting to have a second treatment. Because of Covid, I could not be with him in the hospital. Thanks to technology, we were able to FaceTime frequently and I could also communicate with his care team this way.

Jim had recently been attempting to discover and get to know his Spirit Guides and we had talked about who some of them might be. Well, the night before the second procedure, I woke very worried about Jim. Suddenly I clearly visualized him in his hospital room. A woman was standing next to the bed watching over him. I thought I recognized her as a UFO witness we had met several times in Roswell. We had breakfast with her and chatted for several hours three years ago three weeks before she died unexpectedly.  We had felt so blessed by her friendship. Could Jim’s bedside Guardian be Frankie? Then I saw a horse standing next to her. She told me it was her beloved palomino named Chester. During our breakfast Frankie had shared with us that she was moving to live near her granddaughter in Texas because she was the only family member who had a place for her and her horse! She was able to move there before her passing. And now she and her faithful animal companion were there through the night, caring for Jim’s fragile heart! I felt blessed and relieved. I had had spirits identify themselves by their pets before. The bond between humans and animals is very strong and timeless.

Jim’s heart treatment the next day went well and was successful. He is home and getting stronger, almost back to normal. He now counts Frankie as one of his spirit guides. Will she come back? I believe she will if she is available and if we ask. Or there will be another Angel moving between this world and realms we glimpse only in moments of deepest need and greatest love.