Psychic Safety

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Psychic Safety

My Grandmother Esther, the Psychic Medium, did not have any easy life. She seemed often tormented by negative thoughts and visions. When I decided to also follow an intuitive path, I told the Universe that I didn’t want to see future torment and suffering, especially if I couldn’t do anything to alter it. I wanted my efforts to help people see ways to be and become their best selves. Would heartache and disappointment be part of this? Sure. Did people sometimes need to ‘see’ negative consequences? Absolutely. But I wanted to ultimately help people understand their path and purpose and through this find strength and courage to move forward.

Many psychic students have told me they are afraid of opening up to Spirit since ‘evil’ entities might come into their space. I have heard experienced Mediums say that the higher they went, the more negative energy they experienced. When I was a teen and just beginning this work, I had some very puzzling experiences that certainly weren’t positive. I even burned a Tarot deck once! Over time I have developed ways to stay Open, Safe and Positive at the same time.

  1. I ALWAYS say a blessing before I begin a deep meditation or do a reading. One (with variations) I use regularly is: “I surround myself with the white gold light of Mother/Father God’s love and healing protection. I ask that a clear channel be established between me and those wishing to speak through me today. And I know that all communication received will be only for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
  2. It is difficult to control dreams and I do receive frightening scenarios in my sleep from time to time. Many years ago a friend taught me this prayer that I have adopted. When I wake from a ‘nightmare’, I briefly scan the dream to see if there is something that I need to hear that I can use in a positive way. Then I send the dream away with this prayer: “I accept and acknowledge only positive, loving, helpful thoughts, ideas, words, memories and dreams. All else I send back with love, blessings and forgiveness.” This always restores peace.
  3. I have connected with several Guides, but especially one, who ‘screens’ my psychic messages for me. She is someone I knew and respected very much in life who passed several years ago. She actually offered to perform this function for me. I know she does this generally, but if I am feeling especially upset or troubled, I reach out to her and ask for special protection.

These are just a few ideas that I hope might give other Intuitives confidence and ideas about how to protect themselves and safeguard their wonderful Gift. There are so many angels and spirits ready and waiting to help us. Never forget to ASK them and the Universe generally for what you want and need.