New Version of “There’s Always a Miracle” Available Now

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My book about miracles that I have experienced both personally and through my Hospice patients and their loved ones, is available again! I wrote it initially in 2016 when I retired from nursing. I had run out of copies and felt called to revise and re-issue it. I wrote two additional stories, one about an earthly mentor who has become one of my Guides. The other new chapter is about the importance of animals and animal spirits. I re-wrote two of the original stories to make the miracles clearer.

The pieces in this book range from what I experienced during my own mother’s passing to my encounter with an actual ghost. A couple of the miracles involve technology. Others have to do with extraordinary kindness. I feel that I was inspired to include the examples I did because they cover a broad range of the ways anyone might be touched by grace and understanding.

After I completed the book and took it to the printer, I experienced a new, powerful contact with one of the souls whose influence I described. I took this as an affirmation of the importance of this message at this time.

My wish is that my writing will enable people to receive and understand communications from their loved ones, from their angels and guides and even from aliens or beings who inhabit other realms and dimensions. I hope these stories will serve as springboards into the most beautiful ways of interacting worlds within and beyond this one. Loss is real and painful. We all need to find ways through grief into a fuller understanding of the magnitude of Love.

Copies of “There’s Always a Miracle: True Stories of Life Before and After Death” can be obtained by contacting me by email (JoanneClarkson28@gmail.com), text (360-701-2030) or FB messaging. The book costs $19.95 with $5 for shipping. I will write a personal message with each copy. It can also be downloaded on Amazon Kindle for $10.