Automatic Writing from Port Gamble Ghosts

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On Saturday, February 17, Pete Orbea and I presented a Ghost Walk for Writers in Port Gamble, one of the most haunted locations in Washington State. In order to get writers and ghost lovers tuned in, I offered a series of prompts. Here is the first one adapted for general use. I have been practicing for several months using the Blank Slate technique and am getting more results. The writing on my Slate is always in red. It sometimes includes a picture or symbol.

Prompt 1: Automatic Writing

Rest in a comfortable position and empty your conscious mind. Start by focusing on your breathing which might be accelerated in this energy-rich state. You might see a blank white slate, screen or sheet of paper. Suddenly or slowly a single word appears. Or a brief phrase. You might hear rather than see it or both senses may be engaged. Write down what you see or hear. It doesn’t have to make sense immediately. As you experience the word or words they will become more vivid. As you write from your inspiration, a story or poem or personal truth will emerge. Messages come fast. Write as quickly as you can without judging. Some people write with their eyes closed. You may not be conscious of what you are writing or your conscious mind might seem take over at some point although Spirit will be in charge. These messages will be out of the ordinary and not at all what you expected. Although, magically it may seem, they become EXACTLY what we were trying to express in words, precisely and imagistically what we most need to put out into the world now.