Why I Use Tarot and Palmistry in Mediumship Work

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This past week I was reminded why I have loved learning and practicing both Palmistry and Tarot reading throughout my life. I am drawn to and into hands and it feels natural to hold, shuffle and draw from the imagistic Tarot.

The occasion of my insight was a reading I was performing for a friend. I was engaged in helping her clarify messages she felt she was receiving from the Other Side. I entered a meditative state the way I usually do and unfocused my gaze to perceive the energy around her and got – absolutely nothing! I psychically reached out to my Guides who often help me identify Beings needing to communicate. Nothing.

I began to get frustrated and unsure and therefore to lose connection. My friend was trying hard, suggesting people who had crossed over and describing incidents from her life. Nothing.

Then my Guide Dee spoke to my higher self, saying, “Use your Tools. This is what they are for!”

I immediately reached for my closest Tarot deck and laid out cards in the traditional Celtic Cross spread. The communication that my friend had been feeling became clear right away. Together we could understand what she was feeling and why, what from her past was relevant and how she could apply these feelings and emotions to an important unfolding situation.

I was so thankful to Dee!

Often when performing our mediumship work, opening a clear channel for those on the other side to speak, we expect a perfect phrase, a crystal vision to just magically appear! We are rarely that open and what we need to convey is rarely that concise. The message for my friend was multi-faceted and involved several aspects of her life past, present and on its way. The Tarot was able to tell us the whole story and to give my friend lots to ponder in days ahead.

Dee wasn’t finished yet. She reminded me that although I do work with and through my Guides, the thoughts and impressions I receive come, on the highest and truest level, from Spirit itself. My job is daily meditation to keep my channel open and vibrating. To strengthen my knowledge of the tools I was given since they are the earth connections I can use to translate wisdom from timeless Beings existing in Mystery.