Activation and Affirmation Points on the Hand, A Simple Exercise

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It is possible to increase the abilities and energies you need in certain situations by using pressure points on the hand. A simple gesture can increase your confidence and actually boost the place’s influence. Below I describe the method and how and where to perform it:

In order to receive the Energy and Power associated with certain places on the hand, hold out your non-dominant hand. Then grasp this place between your thumb and fingers of your dominant hand and press.

  1. For Romantic Love and Passion: The Mount of Venus which is the muscle at the base of the thumb.
  2. For Intuition and psychic insight: The Mount of the Moon which is at the base of the palm across from the thumb.
  3. For courage: the space on the side of the hand right above the thumb within the arc of the Lifeline.
  4. For independence and leadership: the top of the first finger.
  5. For deeper connection to Spirit and self-awareness: the top of the middle finger.
  6. For openness to beauty and for artistic inspiration and expression: the top of the ring finger.
  7. For increased empathy and the strength to speak up for those who need our advocacy: the top of the little finger.

Then say Thank You to Spirit!

  • Joanne Clarkson, Psychic Medium