Virtual Into the Mystic Psychic Faire

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Into the Mystic Psychic Faire is Virtual This Year! Nine Psychics are primed to share their gifts of insight and encouragement Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. either through Zoom or over the phone. This is the 8th Year Unity Spiritual Center of Port Townsend has offered this event, modified in 2020 to ensure health and safety.

Those wishing a fortune are asked to contact Readers directly either by phone or through email to schedule their personal, confidential appointment. Information about the Psychics is available below. Cost is $40 for 30 minutes payable to Unity through the Donate button (UnityPT.org).

In addition, Friday evening at 7 p.m. the Zoom Program What Is Intuition? is available for all who want to tune in. A Panel of Psychics will describe their thoughts and experiences and then answer questions from the virtual audience. UFO researcher James Clarkson is MC. Suggested donation is $10.

An actual book sale of items related to health and spirituality will be going on outside the Unity Building at 3918 San Juan Ave. during this weekend. Social distancing protocols will be observed.

Here are the Unity Psychics:


Below is a list of the 9 psychics available for readings Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20. Their descriptions specify whether they are offering Zoom readings, phone readings or both. Please contact your chosen psychic directly using the email or phone listed to schedule your appointment. To pay for the reading go to UnityPT.org and click on the Donate button.

Cara Faith helps shine light on Truth by offering herself as a conduit of Spirit to communicate with past loved ones for healing, direction for self-empowerment and to clear away what is not yours for balance and grounding. Sessions might include a personal journey to be taken and communication with your Guides. See more at spiritspeaksintuitive.net. Zoom readings. spiritspeaksintuitive@gmail.com 970-599-2163. Reading Saturday only.

Daphne White Rose’s readings are aligned with her divine connection as a Medium, Conscious Channel and as a Spiritual Teacher. Her readings provide her clients energetically with a more ‘peaceful and insightful’ approach to everyday living. Phone readings only. 360-344-2923.

Eileen Meyer is a Transformational Intuitive. Years of contact with nonhuman intelligence prepared her to be an evolutionary facilitator in these times. She sees into your Divine Soul Essence and offers practical support as you welcome the greater embodiment of You. See more at KoyopaRising.com/. Zoom and phone readings. Email SoulWeavingByEm@yahoo.com .

Joanne Clarkson’s positive, transformative readings reveal the hidden talents in your palms, what might have held you back and how you can truly shine. An additional Tarot reading shows what is happening in your life now and how you can apply your gifts to be happy and successful. See more at JoannethePsychic.com. Zoom or phone readings. Email: JoanneClarkson28@gmail.com. 360-701-2030.

Pamela Douglas-Smith is an ordained Unity minister and published author who has served at Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center in Port Townsend for 16 years. Her intuitive gifts come from her Scottish/Welsh lineage of women and they have invited her to see spirit everywhere from early on. She will be doing WISDOM OF AVALON readings that will open your eyes and heart to the unfoldings of spirit in your life right here and now bringing insight, comfort and inspiration. Zoom readings. Email: Pam@celticgypsy.com.

Sarah Nash tells seekers that waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be. Ask me questions about your life plan, your relationships and more! I have been “talking to the other side” for as long as I can recall. My personal life path has blessed me with the ability to have compassion and a deeper comprehension of what you are experiencing and what you may experience in the future. Zoom and phone readings. Email: Nashlee@gmail.com .

Suzanne Rodgers states: by working with gemstones and crystals gathered from around the world and traditional Tarot cards I apply my study of Symbols and Jungian psychology (astrology, dream work, I Ching, Kabbalah, Mythology) to guide my clients. Using the synchronistic draw of the cards provides a means for self-discovery and individuation. Zoom readings. Email: Suzannemrodgers21@gmail.com. 360-821-8598.

Tracy Russell is an Akashic Records reader, looking into your past lives and how they may be impacting you currently. If something comes up during a reading that needs to be cleared now, Tracy is also able to use Theta Energy work to help you with this. Zoom and phone readings. Email: russelltracy1943@gmail.com. 360-930-5224.

Zylpha Elliott does psychic tarot and playing card readings to clarify your highest path and purpose and identify and release negativity and confusion. Zylpha practices in the long tradition of her family and has worked with Native American and other healers for over 30 years. Phone readings. 360-385-7595.