World Fortune for 2019

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I chose my Green Witch Tarot deck and used the traditional Celtic cross spread:

Card that represents the world now: Knight of Chalices. We must be aggressive and committed to love and happiness, equality and decency for all. We are on a sacred quest. We must give ourselves to this fully, with all our hearts.

Wish or question: 13 major – Lord of the Shadows – or Death. Before we can create the life we want for ourselves and for the world we must TOTALLY and COMPLETELY get rid of anything negative, doubtful or luke-warm. NOTHING that does not work for good of all is acceptable. Don’t walk away from ANY dreams or goals. Our souls are on a quest. Commit.

Influence on wish or question: 21 The World Tree, the highest card in the death. This year EVERYTHING on earth is both at risk and possible. The breakthrough time is now. No waiting, no excuses. Do something every single day to manifest your gifts, your purpose in bringing light and healing and joy and truth.  Do what your heart tells you.

Past: 6 of Pentacles. Charity. What you have given to the world? What have you already manifest that you are most proud of? Examine your past for personal accomplishments. Do them again only moreso!

Present: 4 of Pentacles. The need is not only from one direction. We are called to multi-task and to donate on several levels: to ourselves, those close to us through blood and friendship, our local community, worldwide, through our profession, our hobbies, our leisure. All are essential.

Where we are going: Ace of Athames (swords). Toward a brand, new, shining ideal. One based in earth and often on simple acts. A new noticing and honoring, A daily practice of goals and truth.

How we see ourselves: 8 of Wands – As inspired, intuitive and strong. Take inventory of gifts and talents often. Learn. Teach. Believe.

How others see us: 8 the Crone – Courage. We each need to believe in each other!!!

Hopes and Fears: Six of Chalices – Love and happiness. Yes, it seems apparent that we all want to love and be loved, to feel and bring joy. Yet, if we are honest, we often feel guilty enjoying our own heart-abundance. No! By embracing what makes us truly and deeply vibrate at the highest level really does make everyone resonate at a higher level!!!!

Final message from the Universe: 10 Wheel of Fortune. Oh yes, this WILL BE A YEAR OF CHANGE. It is up to us to be sure the shift is positive, affirming. It may rip us open. Be ready for the challenge. There is such a great chance for success!!!

Love and blessings,

Joanne the Psychic