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How Do You Know If You Are ‘Psychic?’

One of the most frequent questions Joanne gets from people is, “Am I psychic?” People hope they have inner wisdom and can at times communicate with highest Source and Spirit. And, yes, most people have this ability to some degree if they acknowledge and nurture it.

The palm holds a number of “psychic signs” that mark certain individuals as highly intuitive.

Most are found or originate on the Mount of the Moon (Luna). This mount is on the outer edge of the palm. A well developed puffy or high area here is itself an insightful sign. Any stars or crosses are marks of significance. A square or box is a sign of spiritual protection.

The head line is the middle on the palm.

When it crosses without sloping, the person has a very logical mind. A gentle slope shows imagination and a more pronounced downward curve that ends on the moon is a strong indication that the person can ‘cross over’ into other realms.

The fate line usually starts in the center of the bottom of the palm and goes straight up to end under the middle finger.

For some people fate begins on Luna and trails across the palm to end under any of the fingers. This adds insight to art, leadership, advocacy and certainly spirituality. These people are often great meditators.

A crescent shaped line that begins on the moon and circles gently around to end on the outer edge higher up somewhere under the little finger is another indication of a ‘third eye’ or clairvoyance.

A very rare sign (Joanne does not have this marking) that is a potent mark of a true psychic is a whorl, like a fingerprint, on the Mount of the Moon.

It is usually slightly raised. Some people have partial prints or a hint of this marking. When I have seen it, it has usually surprised me, appearing on the hands of people who outwardly do not seem interested in paranormal things.

It is indeed possible to develop your psychic abilities.

Joanne has practiced her intuitive arts for more than 50 years. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Find an intuitive ‘tool.’ What you choose teaches you and gives something outside yourself to work with. These can include: Tarot decks. Get more than one. Each has its own wisdom. Palmistry. There are many schools and different ways to read hands. I am still learning. Astrology. This powerful, ancient system can map entire lives and provide daily guidance. Runes, crystals, sacred stones. I Ching. Iridology (reading the eye). Crystal balls or mirrors. Browse a store that sells psychic methods in person or on-line. If the thing you pick originally doesn’t resonate, try something else. You will learn with each attempt.
  2. Keep a journal. You need to write down insights, synchronicities and dreams. They fade quickly or we rationalize them away. It can be a special beautiful book or a simple spiral notebook. Don’t worry about spelling or complete sentences. Just get it down. Draw if you have to. Don’t ‘make’ yourself do it daily unless you feel called to do that. Sometimes I don’t have anything to write for a couple of weeks. Then five interesting things happen in one day! When you do back and read over your months or years you will be AMAZED at what was connected and foretold.
  3. So what IS significant? Anything weird you feel or sense. A feather you find while walking. A song that keeps repeating. A feeling that you have that you should call an old friend. A line you read in a magazine. A vision that you think you glimpsed in the corner of your eye. Dreams of houses you lived in as a child. Cloud in a strange shape. Stone with lines like a letter. ANYTHING.
  4. One of the main lessons I had to learn to be a truly effective medium was to get my thoughts or prejudices totally out of the way. When I tell a fortune I am no longer Joanne the mother, Joanne the nurse, Joanne the sensible person. I literally speak what the universe puts into my head at that time. When I start speaking in my own voice the Universe literally flicks me. Yes, I get a sensation on my upper arm just as if someone flicked me with their fingers and I know I am not delivering the message the Universe needs me to communicate. So practice being totally Open. It is exciting to feel Spirit work through you. This is also why I usually don’t remember fortunes I tell and why I write down what I receive for the person (or myself) as I am doing the reading.

Good luck! There is so much beyond the outward semblance of the world. Go deep, then deeper. Yes, you can! Those lines on Luna are becoming more vivid even as you read this message!