Ten Activities to Connect with Ghosts, Guides and Even Aliens

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  1. Dream Work. Take the 2 week dream challenge and write down and explore any image you remember immediately upon waking during the night or in the morning.
  2. Artistic practice. My lifelong creative art is poetry. Yours might be graphic art, music, gardening, cooking, pottery, collage, interior decorating, collecting certain objects, blogging, writing… Spirits inspire our project and even appear in and through them.
  3. Nature. Many people find Spirit through the Life Force Energy within the natural world.
  4. Meditation is a common way to reach into the Spiritual Realm to raise our vibrations. There are endless methods of meditation: chakra focus, self-hypnosis, breath work, saying I love you several times, and many others.
  5. Memories, especially of childhood. Become a child again, free spirited and filled with wonder. Remember the ‘first time’ of things.
  6. Automatic writing and journaling. Or automatic drawing.
  7. Paranormal tools like Tarot or Oracle cards, astrology, palmistry, runes, gemstones, tea leaves, visioning and the like.
  8. Focus repeatedly on a planet, star, constellation or direction in the night sky.
  9. Personal Spirit Guides. Do a life review to identify teachers, friends, neighbors, mentors, family members– who have crossed into spirit and who might wish to assist you now. Or choose persons outstanding in a field you admire. Or historical figures with characteristics you wish for in your life.
  10. Make a list of certain areas where you need help and ask for an angel for that focus: healing angel, inspiration angel, romance angel, kindness angel, forgiveness angel, gateway angel to help you connect with the Other Side. There is a beautiful, loving angel for anything, any time!

Practice, practice, practice. Do something every single day, even for 10 minutes, to help you connect to Spirit.