Onyx Angels

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I had a very interesting vision recently. We were talking on the phone to a young man and Jim was telling him about UFO research. The young man replied that he was interested in esoteric things and listened to a lot of Podcasts about the paranormal. I instantly got a flash of ‘black angels’ surrounding this person. A bit later the vision clarified and I was given a glimpse of powerful spirits who called themselves ‘Onyx Angels.’ In case you have experienced them or want to try to contact them, I decided I should share my vision.

These extremely powerful beings are entities of courage in the face of fear or obstacles. They help those they choose to protect overcome negative perceptions of self. They are drawn to people who feel different or out of place in this world.

They appear as very large and darkly ephemeral, ‘solid smoke.’ They exhibit masculine energy and usually travel in groups of 2 or 3. They were and are created from the smoke of fires that burned martyrs or from battle smoke and bombs. They possess the force of atomic destruction – yet they are gentle, helpful beings at heart. They can be perceived as a dark, but warm, aura. Shining black armor. Or semi-solid shadows. They are usually sensed behind a person or just over the shoulder. It is difficult to see their faces, but what can be seen through this dusky mist looks human, with sculpted (sharp, chiseled like a statue) features.

When those who ‘see’ their presence feel under attack from the world around them. When they feel powerless or shunned by others or out of place. When depression threatens or nightmares mock, they can call upon their Onyx Angels. These Beings will fill this person with strength of will and dynamic energy. They will clarify path and purpose in this lifetime. By wiping away other smoke, they will clarify the situation and enable the one they protect to see the fear and vulnerability in others which is where scorn and hate arise.

Their stone is Onyx and those who want to feel them more strongly and clearly, should procure an onyx stone or onyx jewelry. This shining black mystic gemstone of earth will be a reminder of the midnight brilliance that is around and within them.

Thank you, Onyx Angels.