Phoenix Rising, Winter Readings

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This winter Joanne the Psychic will be reading at Port Townsend’s amazing Psychic Shop, Phoenix Rising on Water Street downtown, one Saturday/Sunday a month from 12-5 p.m. The dates are:

January 1 & 2, February 5 & 6 and March 19 & 20.

She reads in the private, inspiring room upstairs. Both 30 minute and one hour appointments are available. Clients can call the store (360-385-4464) beginning on Thursday to reserve a session. The cost is $40/30 minutes and the store prefers cash.

Joanne usually begins with an examination of the hand which reveals the client’s history and relationship to body, mind and emotion. She identifies a talent the client was born with and describes how they have manifest their potential — as well as adventures, relationships and service that await!

She then uses her beautiful, imagistic Tarot cards to tell where the client is headed over the next few months. Joanne and the Tarot can answer a specific question or wish or freely channel the wisdom of the Universe.

A written transcription of each reading is provided.