Oregon Ghost Conference 2024

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Jim and I are so excited to be speaking and giving classes during the famous Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, March 22-24. I will have my new “Psychic Palmistry” book available!

My class is from 10-12 a.m. on Saturday morning, March 23. My presentation is from 12-1 p.m. on Sunday, March 24.

My presentation and class are both about my work as a palm and hand reader. Through examining the shapes of the hand and fingers and the lines and markings on the palm, I help clients understand their tendencies and talents. I do this by using my knowledge of the ages-old interpretations signify. But there is much more to palmistry that just mechanical analysis. Through touch, and looking deep into the hand, I see what the Universe is communicating through me that the client most needs to know to live their best life now. Sometimes my Mediumship takes over and I receive messages from loved ones through the palm.

In my class, I plan to show participants basic shapes and symbols to look for and how they might be interpreted. They will work on their own hand and palm and then partner to investigate other hands. One main lesson is how different each palm is! Those in the class will come away understanding at least one special gift only they possess! I will show ‘power points’ in the palm that can be pressed to increase attributes as we need them, like courage and insight. And I will identify at least 5 psychic signs on the palm!

During my presentation, I will tell my story as a psychic medium palm reader. Through my experiences, I will help the audience understand important markers in their own hands and how all hands are different. I will talk about touch as intuitive tool and explain ways to use Hands as a psychic, intuitive tool in any reading.

Jim will be talking about UFOs of course! And relating how all experiences with unknown Energies are related. As an experienced detective, he will explain investigative techniques. And make his experiences come to life through the most amazing stories he has collected through more than 30 years of investigations. Jim’s presentation entitled “Truth from Many Voices” is set for Friday evening, March 22, from 5-6 p.m. His class on investigation is from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, the 23rd.

Stop by our table for a free quick card and palm reading or to share your experiences! Our books will be on sale at special conferences prices!