New “Balance of Life” Tarot Lay-Out

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Here is a new Tarot spread I received from the Universe. I didn’t, of course, come up with these areas. I have meditated on them for years based on wisdom from Anthony Robbins! But I really like talking to the Universe this way using my amazing and beautiful Tarot decks. Give it a try!

Tarot “Balance of Life” Layout, 2021

This Tarot spread asks us to consider 4 aspects of our life: relationship, work or profession, creativity and hobbies and service.  For each of these areas, draw three cards and lay them face down.  Turn over one row at a time. After you have meditated on each life emphasis, it is often interesting to consider each of the three rows vertically to see how these parts of our life fit together now.

Row One: Draw 3 Cards centering on Relationships and Love.

Row Two: Draw 3 Cards focusing on work or profession, what we do to make our living.

Row Three: Creativity and Hobbies revealing what we do to make ourselves happy and to grow spiritually.

Row Four: Service. How to we selflessly give back to the world?

When you finally look over the rows up and down, you may receive wisdom about which aspect of your life is flourishing now and which needs care. You might get a feel for how each can bless the other, how they can blend to create more abundance for ourselves and others.

  • Joanne the Psychic
  • February 2021