Finding Your Star Family

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Many believe that humans did not originate on earth. That we were brought here by galactic winds or on the tails of comets. Or maybe seeded here by a different race of Beings. Though we may never know for certain how we came to inhabit our beautiful earth, many of us do experience moments when we feel an affinity for certain places in the night sky. We feel intrigued by or draw to certain stars or constellations.

I have always loved to go out on clear nights and gaze upwards. Likewise, I have been fascinated by the myths from many cultures spelled out in the heavens. Since I was young, I could find the Big Dipper and the W of Cassiopeia. I can remember the wonder I felt when I realized that stars move during the night and that each season has its own sky signature. I am always thrilled when Orion blesses the winter and the Milky Way stretches over summer camp outs.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, though, that I began to feel that certain groups of stars seemed more ‘familiar’ to me than others. I consulted a couple of fellow psychics to see if I could find my ‘star home.’ No answer seemed clear or right.

Then I was asked to join a project by one of my mentors, Howard Batie, a gifted hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner who developed a keen interested in Extraterrestrials. He invited several psychics to join him in a project where we meditated into higher states of consciousness and then reached out to specific star systems to see if we could receive communications from the Life Force there.

In the first two sessions, I received what I thought might be flashes or glimpses, but nothing detailed or definitive. When I went to the Pleiades, however, I was immediately met by – actually I felt like my body was inhabited by – a very specific Being. Howard was always at my side, guiding and guarding to be sure I was safe in body, mind and spirit. This Entity was very welcoming and very interested in Earth, especially plant life. She told me her name and we were able to carry on a beautiful, loving conversation. I have experienced her 3 times since on my own, unexpectedly when she had a question or a message.

I also realized that I have long been drawn to the Pleiades, a constellation that can be seen best from the corner of the eye, the peripheral vision. After my experience, I still see these 7 sisters at an angle, but my eye immediately goes to them wherever in the sky they might be manifesting.

My husband Jim also has wondered about his star group. A psychic consulted his Akashic record and told him he was from Arcturus. He didn’t at first feel any special draw to this star, but then another wise person, not in a fortune, told him that they sensed he had a kinship with Arcturus. After that whenever we went outside at night, even on partly cloudy nights, Arcturus was shining brightly and Jim is finding his way toward his ancient ancestry.

So how can you find yours? Here is what I suggest:

  1. Think back over your life of star gazing and make a list of constellations, including myths and stories, that you have been drawn to. Go back as far as you can into your childhood of summer nights or times when you looked into the sky and really SAW the light. Think of significant moments, traumatic or joyful, when some shape or form in the sky echoed your feelings. Start with these.
  2. Buy a star book or find a program on the Internet or on your phone that shows the stars throughout the year. Go outside whenever it is clear and become familiar with what is above us. If you wake up in the middle of the night, go out or look through a window and just let yourself experience the beauty and infinite nature of night. I keep track of what I see and feel in a special journal.
  3. Meditate on different stars, star groups, planets or galaxies and see which ones speak to you most clearly. I use a 3-part meditation. I either tell the Universe which area of the sky I would like to focus on during this session or ask to be taken to the place that would be most beneficial for me. First I lie or sit comfortably and imagine myself in a safe place that I love like the beach or I use a site in Monument Valley we visited once. From my toes to the top of my head, I relax each muscle while breathing evenly and deeply. Slowly as I count to ten either aloud or silently I feel myself rise, getting lighter and lighter until I am sitting on a beautiful, soft cloud from where I can see the earth below me and the heavens above. I then rise further, again counting to 10 until I arrive in a room or hall lined with books with golden spines. I ask for my Akashic record, the history of my lifetimes. Without knowing exactly what I am receiving, I take in the golden light from these volumes. Sometimes an angel or Being is there to give the Light to me. Finally I again count to ten, rising even higher. I come to a ‘place’ sometimes a broad plain or a landscape. Other times I see only a Being. I have received a word or a phrase. Vivd colors often are part of the experience. I have gotten an intense feeling of love or very occasionally of loneliness. When I see a Being, I always immediately ask if they are from Love and Light. They should without hesitation answer Yes. (If not I tell them to go away. If they don’t leave, I immediately end the meditation. Over many years I have only had this happen once.) I ask the Love and Light Entity for wisdom for myself and others. What I receive might not make sense at first, but I may dream clarification later. I always write the experience down because these things are transient and fragile. Although the ones that I feel are from my Home are Indelible and more memorable than earthly experience. When I sense that I have received all I need to from this experience, I say Thank you 3 times and slowly count backwards from 10 three times to get myself back to the safe place and wake up.
  4. Be happy with feelings, colors, phrases – whatever you receive at first. Don’t get discouraged. Meditation of any kind is a Practice and improves with repetition. As you continue, you will get where you are going faster and the messages will contain more clarity.
  5. Ask your Guides and Angels to help you even if you don’t know exactly who they are. The Ask is very important. A wonderful Companion is always waiting to assist!
  6. Finding my Star Family is an ongoing process for me. Sometimes I try to contact them weekly. More often months go by as the demands of my earthly life intrude or I am called to other tasks and experiences. Don’t give up. What you receive is pure treasure and will expand and advance this lifetime immeasurably. Many blessings on your journey of Love, Light and Kinship!